How to Align Your Purpose and Strategy


June 22


02:00 pm - 04:00 pm


D2N2 Growth Hub

Are you an SME who currently has one eye on the future? Are you keen to define your long-term aspirations and understand the role they play in informing your current business planning? If you are, this valuable webinar will help you unearth what being in business really means to you and provide you with the tools to create a strategy that meets both your personal and commercial goals.

As strategic thinking and planning are mostly driven by those who own and/or control the business, it’s prudent for you to define and understand the motivations and ambitions that will drive the business in its development.


When it comes to business planning, the key is to consider both your own individual/lifestyle ambitions and your longer-term commercial aims, in equal measure. By understanding what drives you personally and how this informs the development of the organisation, you can develop a strategy that bilaterally delivers on both your personal goals and the future objectives of the business.


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