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The IN Enterprise Hub launched a ‘Crowdfunder’ to raise ‘£15,000’ to continue to run a weekly Get IN Work Club for people living in Swadlincote and the surrounding areas.

The IN Enterprise Hub is a not-for-profit organisation based in Swadlincote. We opened our doors in September 2020 to help individuals and businesses to learn, develop and grow!

Since October 2020 we have been changing lives through our weekly Get IN Work Club, by supporting people facing barriers to work into fulfilling opportunities within the local community. 

The Get IN Work Club has provided employability, social and emotional wellbeing support, alongside coaching and mentoring. We have transitioned 30 individuals into work, training, education and volunteering over the past six months. 

Maggie’s Story

Six weeks ago Maggie (40) came to the IN Enterprise Hub believing she would not be able to work again. She was suffering with chronic migraines and struggling to see a future for herself. With the support of the Get IN Work Club, she has since developed her confidence and skills through well-being sessions and volunteering.

Maggie had been working throughout her life, until she was faced with difficult life events. This had a major impact upon her mental health and she was unable to continue working. Maggie and her partner decided to move to Swadlincote and start a fresh, but she found it difficult to start a new life.

Learning about the IN Enterprise Hub, Maggie plucked up the courage and came along to the Get IN Work Club. Here, she was supported by Nicola and Claire from Claire Reeve’s Counselling and Coaching (IN Enterprise Hub Connect Partner) to build her confidence, help reduce stress and anxieties and apply for volunteering opportunities. She also agreed to talk to others and share her story at the Get IN Work Club, reflecting on the experience, Maggie said: “I’m glad I came to the IN Enterprise Hub. I feel more like me again and that I now have a purpose in life.”

Maggie is now regularly volunteering for a local charity and at the IN Enterprise Hub, to continue to build up her confidence and develop new skills that will help her secure employment. She is hopeful that the IN Enterprise Hub will secure funds to help others to achieve their potential too.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen an increase in demand for our wellbeing sessions through the Get IN Work Club and to enable us to continue to work with vulnerable people in need during this time, providing employment and wellbeing support we need your support.

We are asking businesses through their corporate social responsibility and members of our local community to help us raise £15,000, this will enable us to continue to provide a Get IN Work Club, where individuals like Maggie can access the right advice and support and fulfil their potential!

To make a donation visit IN Enterprise Hub – a Community crowdfunding project in Swadlincote by IN Enterprise Hub ( Local businesses who donate can also access rewards!


New for April 2021

Every industry has specific requirements to develop and grow their business. From April 2021 we will be launching an Industry Focus Hub to provide a wide network of connections across a range of capabilities to offer solutions to benefit your business.

There will be expertise in the field and knowledge of what works across different sectors to help drive innovation, new product design and service development to address specific industry challenges.

Benefits of the Industry Focus Hub

Discover knowledge to help you do your job.

  • Keep up to date with current thinking.
  • Enhance your skills and expertise.
  • Compare and share information and data.

Connect with people like you and experts to network with.

  • Develop and retain specialist knowledge.
  • Share what works with others.
  • Network and collaborate with peers.
  • Save hours of research time by learning from others.

Generate and incubate ideas to drive improvement.

  • Inspire innovation.
  • Create new ways of working.
  • Learn from leaders in your field.

Raise your profile and that of your organisation.

  • Get in touch with new and existing customers.
  • Build relationships.
  • Develop customer insight.

Join the Industry Focus Hub

If you would like to be part of the Industry Focus Hub, or to find out more contact Nicola Lees, IN Enterprise Hub, 01283 204004 or email

Book your free place here.