Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Are you concentrating on the necessary admin of running a business and then missing out important jobs? Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for help with setting up your business?

Whatever support you and your business needs, we are here to assist. If you want to save money, save time and increase your productivity, hiring one of our Virtual Assistants enables you to do this.

Business systems

Do you need to put procedures and filing systems in place to make sure that tasks are carried out efficiently and consistently?

We can help you with this by updating and/or preparing documents and guides, implementing files and folders on your operating system, creating forms and templates and more, to save you time when carrying out your day to day tasks.

Simply book a free consultation so we can help you work towards a perfect solution.

Digital marketing

Do you want to get noticed and grow your business, but find digital marketing a bit overwhelming and don’t know where to start?

We can help with developing your promotional materials and manage the design side too to make sure your brand is consistent.

We can also help manage your social media and online presence or provide the online tools that are available to you.

Basic Bookkeeping

We can help you navigate the nightmare that can be bookkeeping and can either use your current software or help you choose something that fits your requirement best.

We can send out purchase orders and invoices, keep on top of your expenses, reconcile bank transactions with your invoices and outgoings.

Project & Event Management

We ensure your event or project will be organised and planned to the finest detail and will run smoothly without you having to worry about a thing.

Using Prince2 and other project and event management tools and methods, we’ll ensure everything from, budgets, resources, marketing and monitoring are managed to a high standard to ensure we achieve the goals and objectives you envisaged.

Additional services

Email Marketing

Data Entry

CRM Management

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

  1. You do not have to train staff and keep updating their skills.
  2. A remote virtual service is provided, so all assignments can be sent via the internet, email or post.
  3. You only pay for each task on an individually timed basis.
  4. Support is available on an ad hoc, short term or long term basis, dependent on your needs.
  1. You do not need to purchase any expensive office equipment or have office space for an additional member of staff.
  2. Reduce overheads as no staff recruitment, salary or training costs.
  3. No sick pay, workplace pension, holiday pay, PAYE, National Insurance, maternity/paternity pay or dealing with HR issues.

“Excellent Service”

Helen’s organisational abilities and experience in business adminstration have been and continue to be invaluable to us. I can say with absolute certainty that Helen brings new meaning to speed and efficiency. She is good at what she does. 


“Professional service”

I can heartliy recommend Nicola to business owners. I have used Nicola’s services for my business several times and find her a consummate professional in all that she does.


“Enabled me to focus”

It was very easy and straightforward to work with Nicola & Ingrid and knowing that you were taking care of the event meant that I could focus on delivering great content for the participants. What a brilliant service, thank you. 


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